Tired of waking up 2, 3 or even 6 times a night

It doesn’t have to be that way. With Prostate Aid you can get relief now! Guaranteed!*

A scientific breakthrough combines a centuries-old remedy with cutting edge technology to create a super remedy.

Here’s what happened. A health practitioner with over 25 years of experience, MM, started mixing his remedies with a special water that was charged with a proprietary technology known as the E2 Technology. He then gave the remedy out to a few of his clients.


What he discovered was that when the new supercharged remedy was used, the results where beyond all expectations. With 25 years of experience behind him, he couldn’t believe that the combination of the remedy and the proprietary E2 Technology could produce such a powerful effect. It was simply jaw dropping.

Here’s what one of the first clients experienced –


“I have had prostate issues for many years. I used multiple supplements and formulas and was spending over $100.00 per month, desperate for relief. Although the products gave me a little relief, I was still waking up 6 to 7 times a night and always felt that uncomfortable “full” sensation.


When MM, a trusted friend, suggested I try his new remedy, I had nothing to lose, I wanted relief.


Then after just a couple of days, wow! I was sleeping through the night! I can’t emphasize this enough. I was sleeping through the entire night! This is a life changer for me. It is amazing! Thank you MM.” KB

If you are experiencing prostate issues, wouldn’t you like a similar result? Of course you would, however, you may be thinking, how are such dramatic results possible? 


Here’s how:


Through a proprietary process, known as the E2 Technology, scientists were able to create stable negative ions. Old scientific theory says this is impossible. A negative ion is a negatively charged particle, also known as an electron. What is so special about this technology is that the electron is able to stay charged without attaching to a positive particle, also known as a proton.

You see, usually a negative charged electron immediately attaches itself to a positive charge proton to become neutral. This process is how all molecules are formed. The negative and positive quickly come together to become neutral. They attach to each other – like two magnets. But, this is no normal technology or discovery.


With the E2 Technology, the negative electron can stay suspended or charged without immediately attaching to a positive. Then, the negative charged ion helps carry the remedy directly into our cells to produce the desired effect. Almost with an intelligence, the charged remedy goes right to work where it is needed most in your body.

That is why the charged remedy is now so effective. The remedy gets into the cells quickly and where it is needed. Many believe the charged remedy is now operating on a “quantum” level.


Now, compare this to a remedy without the super charged carrier.


Without the negatively charged carrier, a lot more “effort” is required to get the remedy to where it needs to go in the body. The remedy is diluted throughout the entire body, and cells and other internal biological processes slow or even block large amounts of the remedy. The overall result is less effective.


And this is the power of the breakthrough. With the stable negative ions, the century’s old tried and true remedy is now super charged and super effective. The remedy gets to where it needs to go fast.

Here’s what another MM client says –

“I have to work. I have to get things done, it is a simple reality of my life. Unfortunately, it is hard to work when I can’t get enough sleep.

Waking up multiple times every night was really making it hard to stay alert and concentrate during the day. I tried a number of solutions, nothing helped.

Then MM sent me the remedy. Boom! It was unbelievable, I got my life back!” DC

Would you like to get your life back? Why not, with the Real Prostate Aid, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Just try it, you will be amazed. The Real Prostate Aid has a 30-day, empty bottle money-back guarantee. Simple, if it doesn’t work for you, just send it back and get a full product refund.

Don’t wait!
Why continue waking up multiple times, why suffer through that over full feeling? It doesn’t have to be that way. Turn the hose back on! Let the dam break! You can and will experience fast and complete relief now.


And, as an added benefit, if you order now, you will also receive a bottle of the Real Electron Concentrate. Add this to your normal drinking water and turn a regular glass of water into an alkaline, anti-oxidant super water. This is a $39.95 value for Free with your Real Prostate Aid order.

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